SF Collisions Data from SWITRS


Add additional geographic data to the map.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Collision Data

This map is the observed pedestrian and bicycle collisions in San Francisco thanks to the SWITRS database that included their latitude and longitude.
  • Collision locations are snapped to the nearest intersection using the latitudes and longitudes given from SWITRS to the latitude and longitudes of the intersections in San Francisco.
  • Data is complete for years 2006-2014.
  • Data is not entirely complete according to SWITRS information for years 2015-2017.

How to use this map

  • Select a collision type and severity to display it on the map for all years.
  • Move the year slider to map historic data.
  • Click on an intersection to update the chart with historic data for the clicked on intersection.
  • Click the arrow on the top right to hide the side panel.